Manchester Central
9 - 10 July 2018



Building the next generation of wearable Vital signs monitors.

Our Mission

To deliver the most advanced vital signs monitor that helps Clinicians and supports their decisions to deliver better and safer care.

Sentinel Biosensor is a technology company founded in London UK serving healthcare providers in the E.U. and globally. The company has a passion for technology and will always push boundaries.

Sentinel Biosensor was founded by a highly skilled team of engineers, software developers and Doctors all witha passion for improving healthcare through technology. We utilise our off-grid technology with dynamic workflow that harnesses A.I. and supervised machine learning on the device. Sentinel learns but with the difference that it learns from clinicians. An internet connection is not needed and Sentinel ‘justworks’. Delivering expert knowledge, wherever it is needed.

Sentinel Biosensor is a start-up challenging the status quo and through innovation is disrupting its healthcare sector. Sentinel is proud to be part of the E.U. Nightingale project that helps us deliver the most advanced and intelligent vital signs monitors available.

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