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PMD Solutions

PMD Solutions is a medical device company based in Cork, Ireland, with a vision to improve patient outcomes by #MakingEveryBreathCount. The company was founded by Myles Murray when he has presented a clinical need by a Hospital Emergency Professor stating “I cannot monitor my patients breathing accurately, which if abnormal is a flag that something is amiss”. With a clearly defined clinical need, combined with increasing costs and pressures on an already strained healthcare’s resources, the focus for PMD Solutions became to create an industry leading respiratory rate monitor for patients in hospital care that can have a significant return on investment. This product is RespiraSense.

About RespiraSense:

PMD Solutions have created RespiraSense, the World’s First purpose designed continuous and motion tolerant respiratory monitoring sensor delivering consistent and reliable results. RespiraSense promotes timely medical intervention and better patient care throughout the entire hospital facility

RespiraSense is a novel technology that provides medical staff an alert to abnormal breathing, one of the earliest signs of possible patient deterioration from conditions such as respiratory compromise, worsening pneumonia, increasing the severity of sepsis, and oncoming heart attacks, through trend monitoring respiratory rate. Respiratory rate is shown to be the earliest and most sensitive sign of patient deterioration. The benefit of having RespiraSense is that it can support the accuracy of Early Warning Scores, highlighting timely signs of patient deterioration, leading to improved interventions, resulting in better patient outcomes – lower length of stay, fewer preventable ICU admittance, and lower cost of care

Additional Information about PMD:

RespiraSense by PMD Solutions enables medical professionals to provide better patient care through the early detection, intervention, and monitoring of respiratory compromise among patients admitted to hospital. RespiraSense provides continuous, non-invasive, respiratory rate monitoring, ensuring the early detection of respiratory failure and the future prediction of patient escalations in care. It operates by measuring the mechanics of breathing, including chest and abdominal displacements during spontaneous mechanical ventilation. The continuous and accurate respiratory rate data from RespiraSense is then directly uploaded to an electronic platform which allows healthcare professionals to become more efficient, proactive and responsive. The availability of accurate, real-time, critical medical data (and the automation of the time consuming and often inaccurate manual respiratory rate measurement) will have a pronounced effect on the patients clinical outcomes and quality of care. This additionally will impact hospital expenditure with a significant return on investment. PMD Solutions began developing RespiraSense in 2011 and has since received CE Mark and became available for sale across the European Union in January of 2017.

To view a case study on RespiraSense, click here.

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